Guestblog-  Fashion designer Sonya Vajifdar and her journey towards sustainability

Guestblog- Fashion designer Sonya Vajifdar and her journey towards sustainability

I started my brand in 2009 with designer raincoats, made of PVC. Although it was a new concept in the market and a very niche product and it got the attention of a lot of stores and magazines, something pushed me to go further . I started designing cocktail gowns and dresses, bridal pieces and experimented with ready to wear collections, including swimwear. 

In 2015, I started practicing Buddhism , not the religion but the practice and philosophy of  Nichiren Buddhism which started in Japan in the 13th century and now has 198 countries practicing with over 2 million people . This practice has become a part of me and I cannot imagine life without it. The main crux is that true happiness lies in making others happy and helping to empower them . The deeper I got into this practice the more I knew I wanted to make a change, not only in myself and my environment, but in my work . I needed to make sure that my work created value not only for me but others as well ! In 2017, I finally decided to make the biggest change ever and from my first product being a plastic raincoat. I have converted my entire brand into an eco friendly and organic collection. 


Not only is it tougher to source GOTS (global organic textiles standards) certified fabrics which are naturally dyed without using any chemicals, the embellishments we use on the pieces are completely recycled from everyday trash, thus it is 100% hand made . The satisfaction of knowing that I am doing my small bit to help promote sustainable and eco friendly fashion makes it all worth it ! 


Fast fashion is believed to be the second most polluting industry in the world at the moment. Thru social media we have started a campaign called "know your source" for bloggers and influencers to take part to spread awareness of how we can go sustainable with our wardrobe as well!


My main concern while going eco friendly was that I did not want to compromise on my style. I have managed to stick with my feminine, couture creations thus making us one of the first organic couture brands ! I would encourage all fashionistas, shoppers and designers to do their small part by reducing waste fabric / chemicals and progressing to the concept of "QUALITY OVER QUANTITY " so we can all take steps to improve our planet!


We are now available in stores in India, Dubai and LA and we are branding out into UK AND EU as well!

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