Black & Blum Black&Blum - Eau Good Drinkfles glas - 600 ml - Oranje

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Over Black & Blum Black&Blum - Eau Good Drinkfles glas - 600 ml - Oranje

The Eau Good Glass Water Bottle from Black+Blum uses a traditional Japanese binchotan charcoal to make your tap water taste amazing. Binchotan active charcoal has been used in Japan for its natural ability to remove contaminants to purify water since the 17th century. It naturally filters tap water, adding good minerals such as calcium and balancing the pH levels. It absorbs unpleasant tastes and odours such as chlorine and softens water. Simply drop and lock the charcoal in the bottle, fill with tap water and experience the best tasting tap water. With a retro, sophisticated design, the unusually shaped blown glass bottle is comfy to hold and comes with a neoprene sleeve to offer protection and insulation. With a cork stopper and stainless steel lock wire, the bottle’s design ensures the charcoal fits securely. When the binchotan is used once a day it should last for three months. It can then be recharged by simply boiling it in water for ten minutes and leaving to dry in sunlight which should then last for a further three months. Enabling you to reduce your consumption of single-use plastic water bottles, the innovative water bottle offers a great choice for a natural, healthy and reusable drinking bottle experience. Glass/Cork/Stainless Steel/ Silicone Includes 1 x Binchotan active charcoal filter (6 months’ life) Dimensions: H: 25.5cm x Dia: 9cm. Capacity: 650ml.

Glas,   Glass/Cork/Stainless Steel/ Silicone